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The theme for the 2018 World Dairy Summit was "Dairy for the Next Generation!", representing a shared determination to rise to new challenges and advance the dairy industry.

The event was based at the Daejeon Convention Centre (DCC), opening on Monday 15 October and featured a Leaders’ Forum, IDF Forum, 9 conferences, and 3 special sessions over the course of four days. The evening lineup included a Gala Dinner and themed events like a National Day and Farmers’ Dinner. In addition, a number of Technical Tours were held on Friday, 19th October.

For more information, visit http://www.idfwds2018.com/html/main.php


0318 - Ecology of Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes - Significance in dairy production

0218 - Inventory of Microbial Food Cultures with safety demonstration in fermented food products

0118 - The technology of pasteurisation and its effect on the microbiological and nutritional aspects of milk



Issue 119 - January 2018

Issue 118 - December 2017

Issue 117 - October 2017



Trans fatty acids (TFA) to be differentiated into industrially produced TFAs and naturally present TFAs (May 2018) - download

Executive Summary of IDF Country Reports - April 2018 - download

Heat Treatment of Milk  - overview (February 2018) - download

Executive Summary of IDF Country Reports - October 2017 - download

Phthalates in Dairy Equipment (December 2017) - download

Executive summary of IDF Country Reports (June 2017) - download

Guidance on Antimicrobial Resistance from the Dairy Sector (May 2017) - download

Reasons why Galactose is Good for You (March 2017) - download

The Importance of Salt in the Manufacturing and Ripening of Cheese (March 2017) - download

Raw Milk Cheeses - download

Bacillus Cereus in Milk and Dairy Products - download

Escherichia coli as Indicator in Cheese Processing - download

Impact of Transport Temperature on the Quality of Dry Dairy Products - download

Use of Wood in Cheese Ripening - download

IDF Executive Summary of IDF Country Reports ( October 2016) - download

Trans fatty acids - download

IDF Executive Summary of IDF Country Reports (April 2016) - download

Cronobacter Species in the Dairy Industry - download
Saturated Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Disease -
Field Guidelines for the Assessment and Management of Aflatoxins in Dairy Products across the Supply Chain
- download

The Role of Dairy in Sustainable Nutrition - download

The Role of Dairy in Optimal Nutrition and Under-Nutrition - The First 1,000 Days - download

The International Dairy Federation - download

Risk-based Food Safety Management - download

Microbial Food Cultures - download


Issue No 12 published in September 2018



Issue No 1 published in December 2018



Bulletin 496/ 2019: :The technology of pasteurisation and its effect on the microbiological and nutritional aspects of milk

Bulletin 495/ 2018: Inventory of microbial food cultures with safety demonstration in fermented food products

Bulletin 494/ 2018: The World Dairy Situation 2018

Bulletin 493/ 2018: Proceedings of the 6th Paratuberculosis Forum
Bulletin 492/2018 - Total Cost of Ownership: An approach to support sustainable investments in the dairy processing and packaging

Bulletin 491/2018
- Teat-cup and cluster removal strategies for cattle and small ruminants: review and recommendations

Bulletin 490/2017 - Quality Assurance Tools for Mid Infrared Spectrometry in Dairy Laboratories-Part 1

Bulletin 489/2017 - The World Dairy Situation 2017

Bulletin 488/2017 -  The IDF Guide on Biodiversity for the Dairy Sector

Bulletin 487/2017 - IDF Global Marketing Trends, Understanding Changes in Global Dairy Consumption

Bulletin 486/2017 -  The IDF Guide to Water Footprint Methodology for the Dairy Sector

Bulletin 485/2016 - The IDF World Dairy Situation 2016
Bulletin 484/2016 -
Proceedings of the 5th Paratuberculosis Forum - Nantes, France, 19 June 2016
Bulletin 483/2016 -
Fluorimetric Method for the Determinatin of Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in Cow's Milk Cheese: Interlaboratory

                                    Collaborative Study


Special Issue 1401 - The Importance of Salt in the Manufacturing and Ripening of Cheese

                                       This document has 83 pages and costs 109.00€ for a paper copy or 99.00€ for an electronic version



Published 13.03.2019



Analytical Methods for Additives and Contaminants -Dublin - 26 April 2018

Analytical Methods for Composition -Madison - 11 May 2017

Analytical Methods for Dairy Microorganisms - Dublin - 27 April 2018

Animal Health and Welfare - Daejeon - 14 October 2018

Dairy Policies and Economics Santiago - 4 April 2018

Dairy Science and Technology - Montreal - 6 June 2018

Environment - Daejeon - 13 October 2018

Farm Management - Daejeon - 13 October 2018

Food Additives - Belfast - 28 October 2017

Marketing (jointly with Dairy Policies and Economics) - Belfast - 28 October 2018

Microbiological Hygiene -Belfast - 27 October 2017

Nutrition and Health - Daejeon -12 October 2018

Residues and Chemical Contaminants - Belfast - 27 October 2017

Statistics and Automation - Madison - 12 May 2017
Standards of Identity and Labelling - Daejeon - 12 October 2018
Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance - Belfast - 28 October 2017
Task Force on Plant Based Beverages - Brussels - 18 April 2018
Task Force on Protein from a Dairy Perspective - Teleconference - 20 March 2018



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