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IDF Timetable of meetings (pdf)

Published 05.06.2019


Bulletin 498/2019 -
The IDF Guide to Good Animal Welfare in Dairy Production 2.0
Bulletin 497/2019 -
Applications of Near Infrared Spectrometry for the Analysis of Milk and Milk products
Bulletin 496/2019
- The technology of pasteurisation and its effect on the microbiological and nutritional aspects of milk
Bulletin 495 2018 - Inventory of microbial food cultures with safety demonstration in fermented food products
Bulletin 494/2018 - The World Dairy Situation 2018
Bulletin 493/2018 - Proceedings of the 6th Paratuberculosis Forum
Bulletin 492/2018 - Total Cost of Ownership: An approach to support sustainable investments in the dairy   processing and
                                   packaging industry
Bulletin 491/2018
- Teat-cup and cluster removal strategies for cattle and small ruminants: review and recommendations

IDF Factsheets

Health Benefits of Dairy (Published April 2019)

The Importance of the Dairy (Food) Matrix in the Evaluation of the Nutritional Quality and Health Effects of Food
(Published April 2019)

Artificial Flavours in Feed – Possible Transfer of Ethyl Vanillin from Feed to Milk
(Published April 2019)

Whole Genome Sequencing
(Published April 2019)

Trans fatty acids (TFA) to be differentiated into industrially produced TFAs and naturally present TFAs
(Published May 2018)

Executive Summary of IDF Country Reports - April 2018 (Published April 2018)

Heat Treatment of Milk  - overview (Published February 2018)

Executive Summary of IDF Country Reports - October 2017 - (Published October 2017)

Phthalates in Dairy Equipment (Published December 2017)

Executive summary of IDF Country Reports(Published June 2017)


Guidance on Antimicrobial Resistance from the Dairy Sector (Published May 2017)


Reasons why Galactose is Good for You (Published March 2017)


The Importance of Salt in the Manufacturing and Ripening of Cheese (Published March 2017)


Raw Milk Cheeses (Published December 2016)


Cronobacter Species in the Dairy Industry   (Published in August 2016)


The Role of Dairy in Optimal Nutrition and Under-Nutrition - The First 1,000 Days   (Published December 2014)

The Role of Dairy in Sustainable Nutrition   (Published December 2014)

International Dairy Federation   (Published December 2014)

Risk-based Food Safety Management   (Published December 2014)

Microbial Food Cultures   (Published December 2014)

UK - IDF Update

A regular newsletter bringing members up to date with the latest activities of the IDF and the UK National Committee.(UK-IDF)

Latest issue - 17 May 2019


IDF Newsbrief

Published approximately every six weeks. The Newbrief contains news related to IDF events, meetings, Standing Committees, National Committees, membership, Codex, communications and IDF publications.

IDF Animal Health Report - Issue No 12 - September 2018 - Download

IDF Dairy Sustainability Outlook - Issue No 2 -July 2019 - Download



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